Spiritual Committee

The heart and purpose of the Spiritual Committee within Saint John Maron Church is to fully support spiritually all the members of our community . Our goal as a Maronite Church is to educate the adults, young adults, youth and younger children in the knowledge of God‘s Love, Our Holy Mother and our Maronite Traditions.  We accomplish this through our Religious Education, Religious Activities and Liturgical Events throughout the year.   Our commitment to Our Lord and His Holy Gospel comes first. This brings us as a church closer together so we can love and serve those within our community and to those who do not know of His love and knowledge.

Our love for each of you is given by the Holy Spirit.   Through the Holy Spirit we are transformed in the Love and Knowledge of Jesus through His Word.  This allows  each of us to  draw closer to His Heart, The Heart of Jesus.

As we grow and go forward together in Jesus Let us remember Saint Jude’s Words in his Epistle. Jude 1:24-25 There is One who can protect you from a fall and make you stand unblemished and exultant in the presence of His Glory.  Glory be to the only God our Savior through Jesus Christ Our Lord. Majesty to be His, Might and Power from ages past, now and for ages to come.  Amen