Religious Education

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Welcome to the Religious Education Program at Saint John Maron Parish. As members of this community we have a responsibility towards our children to teach them about the Maronite faith and bring them closer to God. As educators in this program we hope to serve our community in the best way possible.

The Religious Education Program has a goal of enriching the life of every child at Saint John Maron Church. We begin the program with Story Time for preschool and kindergarten. Then the children move on to learn from the Faith of The Mountain book series; these books bring the education home specifically to our faith. The first book taught in First Year First Communion class focuses on God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. It is called God is Love. During our children’s First Communion year they attend a family retreat, they also learn about the commandments, The Holy Sacraments, and so much more as they prepare for the Holy Mystery of Penance and the Holy Mystery of the Eucharist. Every book in the series engages us with different topics that help our children learn and more important live their faith. These books are, The Church, Following Jesus, The Church’s Liturgy, The Bible, Our Maronite Faith, and finally our eighth graders finish the series with Our Maronite History. You don’t want them to miss a single book in this series because each one is so rich with information that is practical for our children in their daily lives. But wait the fun doesn’t end here, we offer our high school students a Youth Bible Study program that builds on their foundation and helps them soar to new heights.  I can’t stress enough the importance of keeping the momentum and continuing with the Religious Education program as they grow and become young adults.

The Religious Education Program provides more than just religious education for our children and youth, the program provides a safe social environment where they can grow in faith together with their greater church family. They are the future leaders in our church and community, therefore thank you for giving us the opportunity to give them the tools they need to grow spiritually and socially as the Parish grows. Through this program we can plant the seed of the Maronite faith in our children’s hearts, so as they branch out into the world they stay attached to their Maronite roots.

Again, WELCOME to the Religious Education Program, may God’s blessings be with you and your family always.