Arabic Education

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Welcome to the Arabic Education program at St. John Maron Church.  Arabic Classes are held Sundays from 12:45 to 2:30pm.


                                                                       Arabic Education Curriculum
Class levels:
            (A) Beginners
            (B) Level 1
            (C) Level 2
            (D) Level 3
Learning Through music:

Kids Choir (15 min)

Listen, Repeat, Sing.

The students will hear an Arabic Hymn or song from a CD, repeat it after their teacher then sing along.

Objective: this is a good tool to introduce our culture through singing the hymns and songs we all learned growing up. It also helps the student’s vocabulary.


Social time: (10min)

Encourage the students to socialize in their spoken dialect. A topic may be assigned.

Objective: This time will help the students get to know each other and practice their spoken language.


Conversation: (15 min)

We will go over the name, age, parents, family, numbers, colors, days of the week, and daily needs.

Objective: this is a good opportunity for the students to practice the spoken dialect. It teaches family values and simple words used on daily basis. It also helps them introduce themselves.


Reading and writing Letters/Words: (40 min)

The books are 3oukood al Houroof and 3oukood al Kalam.  We will go over one letter per week. Words associated with the letter, matching games, writing, flash cards, watching a video or listening to a story on audio.

Objective: To Teach the formal Arabic language using audio and visual senses.


Games: (10 min)

We will play games related to the material taught that day:  cooking, matching words, outdoor walks…..

Objective: The students will communicate in their spoken dialect, and will feel the material using their sense of touch.


Story time:  (10 min)

We will read a short story, assign a home work and answer questions.

Objective: this will help the student’s vocabulary and his interest in the language.


Prayers:  (5 min)

Learn and understand: Our father and Hail Mary in Arabic and many hymns.

Objective: Practice our Catholic Christian Faith and participate during Sunday mass