Pastoral Council

The Pastoral Council assists the pastor in the vision and direction of the parish and helps to oversee all other organizations and activities. It consists of 8 members.  5 members are elected by the parishioners.  The other three consist of: the elected chairpersons of the Stewardship Committee, the president of the League, and the president of the Young Adult Association. Other representative members that are invited by the council are not voting members.

Ms. Hend Hasrouni


Mr. Alex Lazo
(949) 500-8759


Mr.. Andre El Khoury

Elected Member

Mr. Robert Hamra Jr.

Stewardship Chairman
Automatic Council Member

Mrs. Andree Fontanella Azzi
(714) 402-1861

League President
Automatic Council Member

Mr. John Coury
(714) 610-4602

Young Adult President (MYAA)
Automatic Council Member